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Office. Anytime. Anywhere.
A Complete Business Support the cloud


Phone Automation Solutions Smarter Phone numbers VoIP Phone Service Voice Activated receptionist • Professional First Impression to callers • Voice Activated Call Routing • Unlimited Extensions • Recorded Audio Information Delivery • Manage from Anywhere CommandWords In-Call Assistant • Voice Enabled Voice Mail • Call Screening with Call Announce • In Call Transfers • In Call Recording and Playback • In Call Document and Text Sending •Voice QA Interview Agent •Intelligent Call Routing •Advanced Call Reporting Text Marketing Solutions Text on Demand Text Landing Pages Automated Text Distribution List Builder Text Broadcasting Advanced Marketing Tools Curated Voice Browser Pay Per View Website Traffic Automated Contest Management Deal & Coupon and E commerce Promotions Public Voice Portals

 it's that simple,  that affordable   & that easy.

The Voice Internet is voice activated virtual office & marketing  platform.


We deliver cloud based, software-as-a-service applications  to automate and improve your telephone and web based marketing systems.


It's an entire network of services and products that will connect you with customers in ways never before imagined.


We offer quite a few applications that may seem a bit overwhelming the first time you enter our site.





It includes a  VoIP telecommunications system to unify your team, make your business sound very professional and to help you be more productive.


It's an affordable solution because all features  are  included with your subscription.  Use as many or as few  as you like.


Just pay for the apps,  minutes

and texts you use and for the

customers that we find for you.



Run your business from any cell phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.